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Custom portraits

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Would you like a version of yourself, your baby or your family in my style? Here are some of the watercolor custom portraits I have made up until now.

This is the process I usually follow:

  1. You have to send me photographs of you (static ones are best), and tell me a little about yourself, things you like, something typical about yourself (eg. the way you dress ) or just tell me exactly what you would like to appear in the portrait. In what posture you want to be? Maybe you prefer particular background or predominant colors in portrait? Maybe you want some text or date to be written?
  2. As soon as I have all the info, I will get to work. First I will send you 2-3 pencil sketches, and as soon as you choose one of them, you can make the payment. Please tell me which way is better for you. I prefer Paypal.
  3. Then I will finish the portrait in color and send you a digital version. If you also want a "physical" print, let me know.

Please e-mail me at for more details about the price and shipping.

Feel free to send me an email for more details!

Other custom works

If you want me to participate in other projects, e-mail me at